Friday, 13 March 2015

TVE / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - D-State / Worry Champion (C80 Split cassette) £5

TVE is the prime example of how creating crude sounds can actually be beautiful, hypnotic and pretty damn spooky, you can really hear the constant working process that goes with every second that wizzez past on your tape player, really they are not crude sounds but this style seems to be thought of by the masses as something that has to be labelled as crude/throwaway / junk. But to me it seems much more witty and clever than most experimental music, and definitely a style of music that inspires me throughout my life.

Robert (my) side of the split has a similar vibe of that spooky junk sounds except its perhaps more organic, but both sides equally have that texture you need to keep those itches at bay

this tape release has a three panel photocopy artwork / jcard and is limited to 12 copies.