Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Robert Ridley-Shackleton – Fits of Pits and Luke Warm Pips (framed Collage) SOLD OUT

When the farmer fits from radiation poisoning he goes to the cellar door, opens it a jar and screams down to the pits. The Pits begin to tremble and cry. The farmer dives into the pits where he falls for 10 years through darkness before he comes to a light where he lands on the surface of a star. There is a fridge there where he picks out a mouldy apple that is dying rapidly. He removes the pips from the apple and he travels back out the pits. He’s on his way to plant the seeds to make six beautiful wives.  Framed collage with graph paper, packing paper, charcoal and pen.  Art work is virtually the same as pictured except its now missing the £2.50 price mark. Original art work.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Stuart Chalmers - Fantasia (cd-r) £6

Noise Veteran Chalmers returns with messy loops that build, distort and wreck your quiet evenings. Chalmers collects music and sounds from far and wide, in charity shops and on old mix-tapes, always manipulating his tapes to get the most dodgy compositions that never get boring. This self-released cd is quite different from the Blunders tape as it is more musical with snapshots of long gone pop idols in a slurry of gross loops. Must have!!!

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Butternut Squash: Thunder Funk Party Remix (3"cd-r Maxi Single) £4

This little cd packs 10 recordings from the late great Foetus 502. Foetus 502 was the unborn form of Robert, who released over 30 albums in his reign. Sadly not many people heard these albums, because they are very scarce. Here are some recordings that never made the albums deemed to rubbish for disc. 502 died a terrible death of being shot, hung and exploded. But the foetus was born and became a person called Robert Ridley-Shackleton. Expect poor, ugly, pop music. With real attempts at pop stardom. Limited to 20 copies.

check out some dowloadable albums of Robby here:

Stuart Chalmers/Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Blunders (Split C52) £4

Blunders sports two contrasting sides of Noise. Stuart Chalmers concocts a splatter of junk-like found sounds that feel alot like a man tinkering away in his shed, with devastating loops that hit hard. Think old farmers working with a wheelbarrow stuck in a time loop.  Robert's side goes for a more crude, electronic feel, with sounds that pop and drift in and out of focus. Think synthetic damaged sun with green rain drops darkening through the tunnels.

hear Stuarts work here:

Robert Ridley Shackleton - The Labour of Bones (2x8 page mini zines) SOLD OUT

Labour of Bones exhibits images of ghosts who roam the landing with bullet-like steps, trains with frames, mothers giving birth to bones, dripping drills in hospitals and packing paper abandonment. Zines are single sided, A4, folded, photocopied and cut to make 8 pages. Limited to 80 copies for each zine.